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In the Vuelta Abajo and Partidos regions of Cuba, the one to the west of Havana and the other to the south, are found ideal conditions for growing outstanding cigar tobacco.

All Havana's are produced with tobacco cultivated exclusively in these two regions Added to this coincidence of nature is a long tradition of cigar making going back many centuries. The resulting depth of experience and skill at every level of the Cuban cigar industry supports the creation of the world's finest cigars.

All our Cuban cigars carry the Cuban warranty seal. This dates back to a law enacted on 16th July 1912 and was one of the first steps taken to identify true Havana's.

Products of outstanding quality are common prey for imitators. Not surprisingly Havana's have received their attention. Counterfeit versions of several brands, like Cohiba, can be found on the market. Often an expert eye is needed to identify them as many have learnt to their cost.

IToday cigar merchants are awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze awards by Hunter & Frankau and Habanos SA. Here at James Barber's we have been awarded the Gold diploma. This award is a reflection of our commitment to good service, storage and knowledge of the great Havana marques.



James Barber receiving his award from Snr. Lenares of Habanos S.A.

James is on the right

It isn't easy to convey in words something as subjective as the flavour of a classic Havana cigar. The best way to educate your palate is to sample different Havana's for yourself and find the taste that best suits you. Our friendly staff are always on hand to offer advice on your selection.