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Pipesmokers Gadgets

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  Dunhill Adjustable Carbon Cutter
Ref: PA4104
57.28 + VAT
  Dunhill Cumberland Senior Pipe Gadget
Ref: PA4106
 31.74 + VAT
  Dunhill Cumberland Junior Pipe Gadget 
Ref: PA4107
 22.89 + VAT
  Dunhill Vest Pocket Stainless Pipe Gadget 
Ref: PA4112
46.38 + VAT
  Dunhill Junior Stainless Steel Pipe Gadget 
Ref: PA4113
34.89 + VAT
  Dunhill Senior Stainless Steel Pipe Gadget
Ref: PA4114

37.53 + VAT
  Dunhill Senior Black Pipe Gadget
Ref: PA4116

29.19 + VAT
  Dunhill Junior Black Pipe Gadget
Ref: PA4117
 22.89 + VAT


  Dunhill Junior Key Ring Pipe Gadget
Ref: PA4121
29.19 + VAT
  As Above
  Dunhill Bullet Key Ring Pipe Gadget
Ref: PA4122
46.38 + VAT
  As Above