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It is not possible to put every pipe on the web page so if you don’t see what you are looking for please ask and if we don’t have it in stock we will endeavour to obtain it for you.
To help you get an idea of the size of a pipe, we have graded them and compared them to the Dunhill sizes.
Use the links to the left or below to view our range.

FREE Leather 4 Pipe case with
every Dunhill Pipe Purchased
FREE Leather 3 Pipe case with
every Ferndown Pipe Purchased
Please quote FREEPC4 when ordering Please quote FREEPC3 when ordering

PIPE SALE...... All Pipes Below Reduced
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Chacom Bjarne Larsen
cha9.jpg (21479 bytes) d13c.jpg (8806 bytes)
Charatan African Meerschaums Special Carved Meerschaum

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Savinelli Big Ben Barber B'Line Barber
Dunhill Ferndown Churchwardens Chacom
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Larsen Bjarne Porsche Falcon
Calabash5.jpg (11007 bytes) hca11.jpg (15781 bytes)
Calabash Barling Stanwell Peterson
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Unusual Classic Meerschaums Carved Meerschaums Charatan
    Butz Choquin Estate Pipes