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Company History


A brief history of the business.

c1900. The founder,
Joseph Barber at his
Hickory Thicket Plantation,
Providence, Kentucky.

Joseph Barber, The present owner's Great Grandfather, founded the business in 1867. Joseph travelled to America when he was very young and purchased a tobacco plantation in Providence, Kentucky. He crossed the Atlantic some thirty two times by steamship from Liverpool.

1898: The stemming and curing
factory at Providence, Kentucky.

Joseph had a stemming and curing factory built  in Kentucky. The factory was later to burn down.

1889: 100 hogsheads (80 tons) of tobacco.

This was the largest ever single consignment of tobacco to leave Kentucky for England. It departed on a 24-wagon train under the supervision of Joseph Barber and his son John.

newshop1.jpg (21593 bytes)
The Shop in 1900.

In this picture we have the founder, Joseph Barber on the left and his son Fred on the right. This shop burnt down in 1935 and the burnt out shell was sold to F.W. Woolworth for 10,000 The shop was relocated a few doors down and still stands on the same street today. You will notice some graffiti on the right of the shop window that looks like some kind of jellyfish. This is thought to be a drawing of Joseph, depicting his large moustache. And people think graffiti is something new!!

Present Day: A section of the Walk-In humidor.

The business is now run by James Barber who inherited the shop from his father, Jack. Jack spent over fifty years in the business up to his death in 1984. Four generations of expertise in the UK tobacco and cigar industry makes Barbers one of the Country's leading specialists.