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Harrogate England

I have been looking at your web-site once again and never tire of looking at the range of products.  I
have been reading the comments from your customers from all over the world.  I feel very lucky that
your shop is only 10 miles from me - if your customers could only get chance to visit the shop they
will realise what a real treat it is. No web-site could fully describe the range quality and truly
personal service you offer.  Proper tobacconists such as yours do not exist anywhere else that I
know of - keep up the great work, and thank you again.
Jeff Gambale NJ-USA

I love this place and I have never been here! I have ordered online from James for several years. James has given me great insight and advice on the products that I have purchased throughout our business relationship. Not to mention an education, fast reliable shipping and safe transactions, and only the best product–consistently. I have the highest respect for James and
his staff, there is never an issue of substandard service that we see so much of and accept today. This is a class operation, whose history speaks volumes of superiority for itself. Cheers to James, and all of his team, for maintaining such a high level of quality products and valuable service that remains unsurpassed!

Marc Gosselin Luxembourg
Responsive, supportive, competitive ... a pleasure to deal with you.
Kind regards, Salutations, Mit freundlichen Grüssen, Schéi Gréiss

Dave Chambers , Surrey, England.

Dear James, 
 As a newcomer to your delightful web service, I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the remarkably swift and efficient service you provide, and having read other customer's reviews, I see I'm by no means the first and I'm sure not the last to praise your service.  The two 
churchwarden pipes I ordered only two days ago were waiting for me when I got home this evening.  I'm delighted.

Dave Rogers, Indiana, USA.
Thank you so much for the speedy arrival of my Tobacco Pouch. It only took a week and coming form England to Indiana, I thought It would take much longer. Great Service.  Thanks again.

 Allan Paris, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England
Bedazzled, as one can become, by all the "goodies" available at James Barber's, it is quite possible that you will miss the Reviews page, tucked away at the end of a long list of merchandise on the Home page : here you will find a lot of happy customers. Normally, I take "hymns of praise" with the proverbial pinch of salt; in this case, after three years experience of this excellent firm, I can endorse, wholeheartedly, every one.
 As a committed smoker, I have witnessed the gradual decline and demise of all the specialist tobacconists in my area. In retailing, generally, I have found a deterioration in those "old fashioned" values of customer service, courtesy, and integrity. Three years ago, in desperation, I turned to the Internet for help : there I found James Barber. And there I found what I call a "proper" tobacconist with all those old values. Otley is a very lucky town; 
or is it really luck? Maybe they have more nous than most of us and know a good thing when they see it. But then, Yorkshire has always been noted for its "common sense". 
It has taken me three years to get round to writing this little piece; probably I have fallen into the trap of taking a good thing for granted. For 136 years James Barber has catered for the dedicated smoker and one has only to experience the service it provides to see why it still exists where others have failed. In 2002 they were honoured with being made Retailer of the Year. I see no reason why 2003 should not see a similar accolade. To Mr James Barber and Mr Norman Harrison I say, "Gentlemen, I take my hat off to you".
Dylan Gladstone, Connecticut USA
So far I've ordered three pipes from James Barber over the past five years or so. All arrived in less than a week in perfect condition. James Barber's prices are more than reasonable, and the service is fantastic. You get the feeling you're purchasing from a local store with an old-fashioned and personal approach to customer service, despite ordering over the Internet.
I recommend James Barber to my friends, and always take the opportunity to post a link to this site when I run across someone on an Internet forum looking for a reputable online dealer.

MH. Colorado USA
Mr. James Barber is the epitome of a professional. His personalized service is such that he sets the standard for a merchant that aspires to customer satisfaction. I always have enjoyed the service and products that I have purchased from Mr. Barber. I would not think of purchasing my cigars from anyone else. The meticulous detail with which he attends and prepares my purchases is simply brilliant. I could not ask for better service anywhere in the world. ...and as a US military officer, I have spent time all over the world. There is simply none better.

Professor Philip Burnard, Caerphilly,Wales, UK
Barber's page is easily the best tobacconist site on the web.  More importantly, though, is the level of service that Barber's offer.  As a smoker of churchwarden pipes, Norman Harrison has been of great help in going the extra mile to find something 'different'.  He is also prompt and very helpful in response to e-mails: his knowledge of pipes and tobaccos is gratifying. As a one-stop-pipe and tobacco site, this one has to be the best. 
 I've not yet had the good fortune to visit the shop but I will.  Quite how they cope with what must be a considerable volume of trade is beyond me but they are never less that professional and helpful.

Larry Hall New South Wales Australia.
When Gallahers in their infinite wisdom stopped exporting Condor pipe tobacco to Australia it left a great gap in my life as I'd smoked it for thirty years. Every pipe full of other brands I smoked in the three years following failed to satisfy. I then heard about James Barber's whose extreme promptness and unfailing customer service has astounded me.
My Condor always arrives within a week and at the same price (even with postage taken into account) I would pay over the counter if it were available here. 

Gary Davis- Astoria, NY, USA

I am writing to let you know that I received my pipe in the mail
yesterday. But more importantly, I wish to applaud you and express my sincerest appreciation for the excellent service you have provided. Firstly, your product selection is without a doubt the best I have yet come across, either at brick 'n mortar or internet establishments. I have a strong preference for Peterson pipes, and I was simply dazzled by your offerings along that line (as well as the excellence of your web page.) Secondly, your prices are equally dazzling! I know of no retailer here in the States who can come remotely close to matching your remarkably competitive prices (I can only hope this does not prompt you to raise them!) Finally, the speed at which my order was processed and shipped was startling. I received your e-mail confirmation of my order within mere hours of my placing it (literally!), and the pipe arrived at my doorstep within five business days. Had I ordered the pipe from a domestic dealer, I could not have received it faster. In closing, I wish to extend many thanks and commend you for your rare professionalism. You have gained a devoted customer, and you can be sure that you will be hearing from me again (.....and again). Cheers!

G. Petyak- Hopkinsville. Kentucky USA.
I just wanted to thank Mr. Harrison for his professional service and patience. He takes the time to explain everything you want to know about your future purchase. I just received my first order from him and will most definitely be back when I wish to by a Peterson pipe. They have by far the widest selection than any online store I have visited. His knowledge on the subject of pipes and his wonderful service oriented attitude are rarely found here in the States. So hats off to Norman for a great shopping experience. Everything you you read in the reviews section of their website is absolutely factual. Thanks again!

A.S. - Cumming. GA. USA.
I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been to shop online with your company. My e-mail requests were answered promptly and my order arrived right on schedule. I wish all online shopping was this easy!

F.C. - Maryland. USA

I have been a pipe and cigar smoker for over thirty years and have done business with many tobacconists. James Barber Tobacconists is, without question, the best. Norman Harrison who handles the pipes department, has set the standard for customer attention and professionalism. Though I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Norman face to face, I consider him a friend and trust his advice absolutely. I only hope as more of the pipe and cigar smokers of the world find out about Norman and James Barber that they are somehow able to find time to do things like eat, sleep and see their families. These guys work hard, know their business, and care about their clientele.
D.W.-Arizona. USA
I want to thank you for your sense of urgency concerning my first order with your company. Not only have you answered all of my questions in a timely manner, you have taken the initiative to call overseas to resolve the credit card issue. In general, new customers are not treated as well as established customers. However, I felt as if I was an important customer and I appreciate it. I look forward to years of business with James Barber Tobacconists.

H.D. - Philippines
I have ordered from many American suppliers before but no one has ever given me the kind of personalized attention and service that James and his people have given me. I can unequivocally endorse them as being first rate.

J.A. - Brazil
As I said before, I like and I am really comfortable doing business with you. You deal with your customer in such a way that I feel like talking with very good old friends ! Thank you !

P. M. - North Carolina. USAP. M. - North Carolina. USA
I am a Peterson collector and have bought the majority of my Peterson's from Barber. I have nothing but good things to say about Barber. He offers better prices than any local pipe dealer, a better selection, and for shipping it from Otley England, to me in North Carolina his shipping time is all but nothing. From my experience fear not from purchasing from him and enjoy his good cheer and knowledge on the subject.

R.P. - Connecticut. USAR.P. - Connecticut. USA
It is with the utmost of confidence I recommend James Barbers' Tobacconist. I have enjoyed a very professional, personable relationship with this establishment for quite some time, and have purchased a NUMBER of pipes/tobaccos from them with no problems at all. Indeed, I have found the aforementioned establishment to be at the top of my list of Procurers of fine pipes and tobaccos. In all cases in my experience with them, they have gone the extra mile, and demonstrated a sincere desire to assist their clients, an attitude that has won my obvious appreciation and respect.

T. Lansley- Poole in Dorset
I am a new customer to Barber's and would like to say that, of all the web sites I visit, this rates as one of the best for loading speed and navigation.

M. Holden - Lancashire

This is one of the best sites I have seen for shopping. The extent of goods on offer was amazing, especially as you could enlarge the pipes you wished to purchase. Well done to whoever put the time and effort into this.

D.H. San Francisco. USA
I e-mailed a pipe question to Norman, who I understood was the pipe expert at James Barber. Norman got back to me immediately, which was my first indication that something was different here. He then not only answered my specific query, but actually took the time to educate me further. He was friendly, personal, helpful, thoughtful, and totally customer-oriented. All I can tell you is that two years, several pipes (Peterson's, Ashton's, Dunhill's, and more), countless e-mails, tins of tobacco, and many deliveries later, I think Norman is tops. I've learned more about pipes and the art of collecting and smoking from him than from any other source, and he's halfway around the world! He has put up with a lot (I have a tendency to ask a lot of questions and am finicky about getting things right -- just ask the people who work with me!) but he always remains extremely patient, helpful, and friendly. He will always go the extra mile to find something you don't have in stock, and inevitably comes up with answers and results. I suppose that's why I keep coming back to James Barber -- It's rare to find that kind of service these days.

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