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Dunhill Tobaccos Packing 25g 50g
Dunhill Early Morning Pipe Mild and delicate slow burning tobacco blended from Oriental, Bright Virginia and middle belt red with medium Latakia. 50g  Tin  n/a  8.77
Dunhill Flake A medium strength cut flake of selected Virginia grades. 50g  Tin  n/a  8.77
Dunhill My Mixture 965 Internationally popular blend of choice Latakia with bright Oriental tobacco foe sweetness and rich brown Cavendish for aroma. 50g  Tin  n/a  8.77
Dunhill Navy Rolls Made from the same recipe as Escudo, carefully blending perique and Virginia. 50g  Tin  n/a  9.73
Dunhill Royal Yacht A truly Virginian tobacco combining sweetness and cool burning qualities. 50g  Tin  n/a  8.77