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Here is the A-Z of tobacco types. Please use the links on the left to view our full range of tobaccos and prices. Minimum Quantity Mail order = 150g any combination
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Old Belt, important tobacco-growing regions in the U.S.A. and Canada.

Blumenau Tobacco
Brazilian tobacco named after the city of Blumenau in Brazil.

A blond to light-brown tobacco. Its aroma resembles cacao and improves with aging. Chiefly grown in the states of Kentucky and Tennessee in the U.S.A.

Cavendish Tobaccos
An extremely mild and aromatic pipe tobacco that is subjected to a special process involving heat and pressure. Dark, almost black in appearance.

Cube Cut
Pressed tobacco that is cut into small cubes.

Curly Cut
Pipe tobacco that is made by cutting leaves of light and dark raw tobacco into strips that are twisted into a thin rope. The rope is then cut into round slices.

Dark Kentucky or Virginia tobacco that is cured and smoked over an open fire.

Dutch Mixtures
Pipe tobacco based upon mild Java varieties. Excellent burning characteristics, which explains their popularity among novice pipe smokers.

English Mixtures
Pipe tobaccos (Virginia) with a particularly full-bodied taste that is obtained by adding dark, aromatic tobaccos (e.g. Latakia or perique). English mixtures often contain no aromatic substances.

Fine-Cut Tobacco (Shag)
Tobacco for hand-rolling cigarettes that is cut into strips with a width of up to 1.2 millimeters.

A special type of compressed pipe tobacco that is cut into thin slices. It must be loosened by rubbing before it is put in the pipe.

Flue-cured Virginia tobacco. A variety of Virginia tobacco from the state of Georgia that is very much in demand.

Kentucky Tobaccos
Tobacco from the states of Kentucky and Tennessee. Most commonly used to produce full-bodied tobaccos.

Latakia Tobacco
Aromatic black Oriental tobacco from Syria and Cyprus.

Maryland Tobaccos
Air-cured tobaccos from the state of Maryland.

Oriental Tobacco
Tobacco from the Balkans (Bulgaria, Greece, Rumania, Turkey, Albania, former Yugoslavia).

Black spiced tobacco from Louisiana.

Spun Cut
Clearly visible round or oval sections of cut ribs found in pipe and cigarette tobacco.

Virginia Tobacco
A collective term used for the large light and sweet leaves which originate from the states of Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.