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Twist & Plug

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Minimum Mail order = 150g any combination



25g 50g
Black Irish A strong hand made spun tobacco, cooked under pressure to produce its dark ebony colour. Loose  4.10 8.20
Black Pigtail As above but in a thinner rope. Loose  4.10 8.20
Sliced Black Black twist ready sliced, just needs rubbing. Loose  4.10 8.20
Sam Gawiths Brown No.4 Twist Generally referred to as Irish. Hand spun No.4 offers a full strength, full flavoured experience 50g Tin n/a 7.95
Sam Gawiths Black XX As above but after a spell in the oven, produces a black twist, not for the faint hearted. 50g Tin n/a 7.95
Conditioned with water, the blend is slowly pressed in large steam presses for several days to meld the rich and varied aromas. The cakes are then divided into plug form, allowing the smoker to cut and rub it out to their own preference.
Mick McQuaid Plug Traditional brandy and almond aroma Foil Pack  n/a 7.42
Revor Plug A blend of flue and fire cured tobaccos pressed and baked into a glossy black bar. For experienced smokers who prefer a strong smoke. Pouch  n/a 7.71
Warrior Plug Strong in taste and aroma Foil Pack  n/a 7.42
Erinmore Plug Fruity taste and aroma Foil Pack  n/a 7.42
Yachtsman Plug Mild to medium in taste and aroma Foil Pack  n/a 7.42